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Machine Translation

Need a quick translation of a document to get a better understanding of the content?

By using Taia’s machine translation, you get entire documents translated in just a few seconds.

Taia's translation tool - machine translation

Translated in

You won't have time to sit back and relax - your document is translated in a matter of seconds.

keeping the same format

Keep the same

Get your document in the same format as you uploaded it!

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Choose from
90+ languages

Taia gives you the option to choose from more than 90 world languages.

select from 60+ different file types

60+ file types

Don’t worry about your document type, we support more than 60 different file types!

When to use machine translation?

Why use Taia’s machine translation (MT)?

Taia’s MT is available within our translation platform. Our platform has been designed to make the ordering process as easy as possible for you.

Upload your file and after we’re done with analysing (which takes about 30 seconds), you can select machine translation as your service. After you confirm your order, your document will be translated in just a few seconds. All that, without even leaving our platform!

You can also go professional at any time and if you think your document needs to be translated by a Taia translator, you’re just one click away from perfection! 

Combining our professional services and machine translation for the best output

Taia’s machine translator feeds on the translation memory it has been given. 

Each customer that orders professional translation services from Taia, has their own translation memory, which is built with the help of our translators.

The more you translate with us, the better the quality of the translation memory becomes. Next time you order a machine translation, the output of it will be of superb quality (for an MT).

Translation memory for a better machine translation
connect with Taia's API for instant machine translations

Connect with our API and order machine translations without leaving your platform.

We have the perfect solution for everyone that needs quick translations on a regular basis! Connect with our API and get your content translated with just one click.

Integrate our API with your software/system and have your content translated by our machine translator in a matter of seconds.

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Get your translated document in the same format as you uploaded it? Impossible!

No, it’s possible with Taia’s machine translation. Open file types, like Word and similar files, will be translated and delivered in the same format as uploaded.

However, we can’t guarantee that more complex file types (for example a PDF catalogue with a lot of graphic material) will be delivered in the same formatting. In that case we advise you to additionally select DTP (desktop publishing) in our app, so your document will be delivered exactly as you wish.

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Frequently asked questions

The fear of machine translators, like Google Translate, replacing translators is unnecessary. The quality of the machine translation outputs is getting better with each day, but won’t be able to be compared to the quality a professional translator can provide.

Machine translation is usually the best option for when you’re in a hurry, need to understand the content, but don’t mind it being of lower quality or if a professional translator intends to edit the translation.

The quality of the machine translation output depends on the software you choose. Machine translations are still not comparable with a professional translator’s work.

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