Machine Translation

With our machine translation you can get your document translated in just a few seconds! But that’s not all – your document stays in the exact same format as you uploaded it. Too good to be true, but it is!

The beta version of TAIA’s machine translator is already available for the public. There are going to be many more updates on the MT and all your suggestions are welcome! Our goal is to make this machine translator as simple and useful as possible, so you can rely on it, whenever you’ll be needing it.

TAIA machine translation first step Upload your document.

TAIA machine tranlsation second step Get superb quality machine translation.

TAIA machine translation third step Download your translated document with same design.

Currently in public beta

Please note that TAIA MT service is currently in public beta version. This means your files are still secure within the TAIA app, but some glitches may occur with the output files. If you find your results unsatisfactory we will refund your order for MT service during this period.


MT + light review quick translations TAIA

Translated in seconds

Instantly translate
65 different file types
using a state-of-art
Machine Translation service.

keep intact formatting with TAIA machine translation

Keep the same formatting

Unlike other machine translation services, we return your documents in the exact same shape as you uploaded them.

TAIA machine translation

Professional translations

Our Artificial Neural Network for Natural Language processing is instructed by professional translators.


Machine translation

We developed our own technology, which translates with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Blazing fast

After you upload your document, you only have to choose the languages and 30 seconds later, your translation is ready!

Go professional at any time

Your file can always be translated by our professional translators – you’re just one click away from a professional translation!

When is machine translation the right choice?

Quick TAIA machine translations

When you don’t have a lot of time and need a really quick translation.

TAIA quality translation guarantee

When quality isn’t as important as a quick translation.

TAIA translator expectations

When you have some knowledge of the language, but not enough.

TAIA set of documentation

When the text is meant only for internal use and won’t be published.



10.000 words
5,99 Monthly


25.000 words
9,99 Monthly


50.000 words
19,99 Monthly
Most Popular

Pay as you go

Per word
~0,006 depends on language combination

You like the idea of a machine translation, but still want a little bit of human help with the translated text?  No problem! Machine Translation with Light Review has one human translator quickly checking the translated text to correct the most obvious mistakes.

Any questions about our Machine Translations?

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