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At Taia, we understand that each client has unique translation requirements and budget constraints. That’s why we’ve designed our platform to provide a range of translation services tailored to your specific needs. With a simple and user-friendly interface, Taia empowers you to select the translation service that best suits your project and budget.

In this article, we’ll explore our three main translation services in detail: Basic Translation, Translation with Revision, and Translation with Revision and Proofreading (TEP), while also mentioning our Machine Translation (AI-Only) option.

We’ll also provide a handy comparison table to help you quickly identify which service is ideal for your specific content.

Basic Translation

Of the 3 professional services we offer, Basic Translation (as the name suggests) is the most simple, and unlike our higher-end options, only one linguist will be working on your project. How it works is that after your text is machine processed, our translator will go through the text and edit it to ensure everything is correctly rendered in the target language. The focus here is not on how the text comes across, but rather on making sure it retains the same meaning throughout.

So when should I choose this option?

This option is a great choice for companies that want to keep their costs to a minimum, but ultimately don’t trust a pure machine translation to get the job done. The combination of Machine Translation with the knowledge of a professional translator is a tempting choice for many Taia users, but you do need to be careful when to use it! Basic Translation is perfect for documents that you need translated for your own use, to be disseminated amongst employees or close associates. It is particularly suited to day-to-day business documents such as internal guidelines (SOPs, ROPs, memos) and regulations, as well as contracts and other legal agreements where the meaning cannot be easily misconstrued. However, be careful with using this service for customer-facing content.

What can I expect?

With this service, you will receive a decent translation which has been checked to ensure it meets the appropriate standards. While our basic translations are carried out by vetted professionals, there is always the possibility of some smaller errors with only one pair of eyes working on it, and the style may not read like that of an original text. However, we endeavour to make sure the text is clearly understandable and gets the meaning of the source text across.


If you’re just looking for a quick translation that will help your reader understand the content in their language, and you’re not so worried about some minor errors that may occur, this may be the best option for you. Besides the cheaper price tag, fewer checks means a faster delivery time, perfect for when you have a large turnover. If, on the other hand, you feel that our basic translation service may be too risky for your type of content, you may wish to opt for a higher service. Check out our articles on Translation with Revision and Translation, Revision and Proofreading to find out more.

Did you know that you can sign up for a free account to use the Taia platform? You only pay for services ordered, the app is totally free!

Translation with Revision

As our standard service, Translation with Revision is generally the most popular in the translation world. Unlike our basic service which involves just one linguist, Translation with Revision adds an extra layer of quality, employing the skills of a second “revisor” specialised in the topic of your text. This revisor will make sure nothing has been overlooked by the translator and offer an extra pair of eyes to focus on the small details, communicating with the translator when necessary to clear up any doubts.

So when should I choose this option?

Translation with Revision is a smart choice for texts which need to be understood by a broad range of users, such as websites and press releases, product descriptions and instruction manuals. Unlike internal documents, where you can simply communicate with your colleague in case of a miscommunication, customer-facing documents can be tricky to get right, and this is where our Translation with Revision service is important. If your customer doesn’t understand something, they’re unlikely to go to the trouble of contacting you to find out, so it’s important to get it right first time. For example, if you’re translating a user manual and the instructions are wrong, it will severely impact your customer’s use of the product. As such, it is important to have multiple linguists with specialist knowledge of the subject involved to eliminate the chances of error.

What can I expect?

WIth our Translation and Revision service, you can expect a professional, ready-for-use translation, with little to no errors. The only real difference between this and our top service is that while the aim is accuracy, the focus here is not on style. For instance, there may be parts of the text which are translated correctly, but perhaps not exactly as a native would say it, so bear this in mind if you would prefer to remove all sense of foreignness.


If your priority is precision and you don’t mind the reader deducing that the text has been translated, then Translation with Revision sounds like it could be the right service for you. Since this service is the standard in the translation industry, you can feel quite safe to go ahead with this option in most cases, but remember, if you’re still unsure about which service to pick, you can always get in touch with our sales team or dedicated project manager, who will be happy to advise you.

Translation with Revision and Proofreading

Translation with Revision and Proofreading, or TEP as it is commonly known in the industry, is what we would regard as the highest quality service you can opt for. Like Translation with Revision, it involves a professional translator and an expert revisor. On top of this, we will use a qualified proofreader who will read over the final text to iron out any remaining grammatical issues and tweak the style to make sure it sounds as natural as possible.

So when should I choose this option?

TEP is really the best option for texts in which you’re trying to lure in customers. Take for example advertisements in the e-commerce sphere; market research has unequivocally shown that customers are much more inclined to buy from websites in their own language. But if your material does not sound natural, this could really detract from your localisation strategy and damage the relationship between you and your customers. For this reason, it is important to get someone to read through your text to make sure it flows well for the native audience.

What can I expect?

With TEP, the aim is always to produce a text which flows in such a way that you would never doubt the originality of the text. At Taia, we use a combination of vendors that we feel would be best suited to achieve this, delivering ready-to-go content that fits seamlessly into the target culture.


If you’re entering foreign markets or thinking about doing so, it’s important to start off on the right foot. With marketing and advertising, just as visuals are key, so are the words you use. Using our top tier service will give you the assurance that you need to get your brand’s message out there and reach new audiences or build a closer relationship with your existing customer base.

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