Case study

How Unior reduced its translation costs by more than 65% with Taia

  • Content type: Manuals, instructions
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Company size: Large enterprise
How Unior reduced its translation costs by more than 65% with Taia 1

“The Taia app is easy to use and you get an instant quotation for your translation project. In addition to the cost, you instantly know when you can expect your translation to be done. You can even adjust the delivery time to your needs. They have a wide range of translation services from which you can choose.”

Metka B. from Unior Special Machines

About Unior Special Machines

UNIOR Special Machines is a supplier of flexible machining equipment for middle and large production series. 

They are globally present and have worked with brands like BMW, Caterpillar, Danfoss, Bosch, etc.

Their products are known to be high-quality, with an emphasis on designing their machine concepts and technologies in accordance with the specific customer requirements.

About Unior Special Machines

Challenges They Faced

Unior Special Machines is a global company with very specific terminology, when it comes to translations.

  • They needed a language service provider that supports all their language needs and can handle short delivery times.
  • Unior mostly translates manuals and instructions. That kind of content demands nothing less than perfection.
  • It’s crucial for their translations to be perfect, always on time and cost-efficient.
Translation challenges Unior faced

How we helped Unior

Unior’s purchase departement estimates that they cut down their translation costs by 65% – 75%.

Translation costs were one of their biggest pain points, seeing that they had huge amounts of content that had to be translated. However, they still needed their manuals and instructions to be translated perfectly, so risking quality to lower translation costs was a no-go.

By entrusting their translation needs to Taia they got to keep their translations at the highest quality at a reasonable price.

How Unior reduced its translation costs by more than 65% with Taia 5

Some benefits Unior found really helpful

Taia translation cost reduction


Cost-effective, yet high-quality! How? Everything is possible when you’re using the latest translation technology.

Easy-to-use user interface


The app is easy to use and understand! No unnecessary clicks, everything is accessible at your fingertips.

Quick delivery

Instant quote

Upload your document, choose the languages and count to three! You get your quote in a matter of seconds.


From the beginning of 2019 and until October 2020, Unior has saved 65-70% on translation costs in comparison to their previous language service provider.


65 – 70%

reduced translation costs


150 +



15.000 + 

translated words



language combinations

taia translations

Reduce your translation costs today!

See for yourself how much can you save.