Why Machine-Assisted Human Translations are the Future

machine assisted translations are the future

4 Reasons to use Machine-Assisted Human Translations

Taia likes to use the most modern technology to fulfil our machine-assisted human translation orders. We keep everything at our disposal to in order to build the best translation workflow. What do I mean by machine-assisted? I mean adapting the neural language networks, translation memories, to even Taia CAT for everything we do. Yet, there is always room for improvement!

Here, I’ll talk a little bit more about why we’ll see more and more translations conducted with the assistance of machine algorithms before being finalised by humans. We’ve thought about this and came up with four really good reasons you should go digital by translating with us.

Reason 1: Eggs in One Basket? Never

We constantly think, “if the technology is there, why not use it?” On all the translations that we do, we get help from a proprietary blend of the best neural lingual networks available right now.

To start, Taia runs the optical character recognition (OCR) technology on your document and optimize images, remove artefacts and any other “noise” to help the machine better understand your document. Then, we can determine how many words need to translated, and how many words have already been previously translated.

Furthermore, we select the best neural network for your target language to process your file. By doing this in advance, our expert translators receive the widest variety of diction and phrasing suggestions when they login to our Taia CAT portal. We love to simplify, and certainly, we love efficiency. That’s really what automated machine assistance is all about.

don't put all your eggs in one basket
machine-assisted translations are the future of the industry

Reason 2: Don’t Get Lost in (Machine) Translation!

While our society today benefits from universal access to automated translators such as Google Translate, these machines still have trouble reacting to jargon, colloquialism, and understanding cultural tidbits. Additional limitations with these mainstream automated translators may include opaque privacy policies and on top of that, unnatural sounding translations. It’s clear that when your document isn’t perfectly translated, both your confidentiality and reputation of professionalism are at risk.

We thought about these kinds of issues in advance and have therefore in our employ experienced human translators working daily in 35 major languages to make sure you continue to shine. We also have the ability to translate up to 95 languages with our access to a language services marketplace. And best of all, we do everything on an encrypted (SSL) cloud platform so your data is safe.

Reason 3: The Best of Both Worlds with AI and Translators

With the assistance of Translation Memory (TM), our translators have access to databases which store previously-translated sentences and paragraphs.

Our human translators focus their time and effort completely on removing ambiguities from the most complex parts of your document because they don’t have to do any of the tedious administrative efforts. With a perfect understanding of the cultural relevance and stylings of all major languages, our translators are on track to do everything in our power to keep you and your business’ reputation covered.

translating with help of A.I.
Taia translations app dashboard

Reason 4: Ahead Of Our Time. (And Yours!)

We may be nuts about efficiency and saving time but certainly not at a cost to the accuracy and quality of your translation. This is why we’ve designed an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard which allows you to set the parameters of your job. It’s easy from here to choose your delivery time,  the services you want to add, and even to set your own project’s budget! We truly believe in the freedom of choice, and it makes a win-win situation for you and us. So, why not?

We guarantee all of our delivery times! We know life is simplified when you’ve got technology on your side.

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