Top 5 Benefits of a Multilingual Website

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Make others understand you

In a world where everything is within our reach within the click of a button, it would seem unfathomable that any goal-oriented company with global aspirations would be so short-sighted as to limit itself to just one working language.

One of the consequences of globalization is that people around the world want the same things, as consumer habits have changed in the way that products that were traditionally seen as more exotic have become easily accessible, making their use or consumption virtually universal. So, why offer your product or service only to a certain group of people if you can offer them to the whole wide world, resources permitting, or at the very least to your respective wider region.

Benefits of a multilingual website

A website that is translated into one or several languages can really put you on the map in your industry. Not to generalize, but English is a must, because even though most consumers actually prefer to buy products or services from websites in their own native language, it is still the all-conquering lingua franca of the modern era, with no sign of waning. After that, the world really is your oyster.

The most common tactic is to focus on the languages of bordering countries or languages with a certain degree of global significance, such as French, Spanish or Chinese, to name a few. Whichever path you choose, you will soon reap the benefits of your revamped business strategy as you become more and more noticed.

Do your SEO like a pro

SEO or search engine optimization is a term that is being thrown around a lot recently. It is an essential part of generating interest in your product or service and attracting new customers. To define it in the simplest of terms, it is a process of optimizing both the quality and quantity of traffic that reaches your website, using certain algorithms and statistics as well as predicting search engine behavior.

As far as benefits of a multilingual website are concerned, this means in practice that the more languages your website is translated into, the more people will be able to find it and the higher you will rank on the search engine results page (SERP). This will inevitably result in more clicks and more traffic to your website, which will ultimately set you apart from the competition (or at the very least, make you more competitive). If you would like to learn more about SEO and improving your online presence, we have covered the topic in-depth in one of our other blogs.

International SEO

Give your sales and conversions a kick up the backside

Translating your website into several languages can be a somewhat pricey affair. Therefore, it is only normal to expect a certain return on your investment. Thankfully, the expected increase in sales and conversions is a regular occurrence, as long as you translate your website properly and target the right languages, or even better, if you localize it to make it sound as natural as possible to customers. This will set you back more initially, but the result is almost always worth the investment.

The driving force behind this idea is the natural tendency of customers to sooner make a purchase or order a service if it’s offered to them in their native language. Surely none of us is new to the familiar expression that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and while this saying might have a ring of truth to it, there is more to it than meets the eye, especially in our case.

Getting lots of clicks and visits to your freshly invigorated website is most certainly a good thing, but clicks themselves won’t generate any tangible revenue if all the new visitors who all of a sudden flock to your glamorous website aren’t actually buying your products or ordering your services.

Doing what's best for the company's success

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Translating your website will not only ramp up the traffic your website receives, but also ensure that customers immediately become more invested in whatever product or service you are offering, thus increasing your conversion rate and boosting your sales revenue.

Become a household name

Another one of the incredibly important benefits of a multilingual website is that they enhance your brand awareness, making it more recognizable.

While being self-explanatory to an extent, this point is all about flexing your corporate muscles and showcasing that you’re the best and everyone else is somehow inferior to you. In more cultured terms, you want to embellish your achievements as a brand and come across as a major global player, even though you have just recently escaped the shackles of total anonymity and the ignominy of being dubbed a “start-up” company.

Extra revisions for your translations

Having your brand present on international markets is a great way to penetrate the collective consciousness of your target audience. Once people start to associate your brand with a certain industry or service, you’re in the saddle.

This is not something that can be achieved straight away, however, and having a reliable, high-quality product or service to fall back on is certainly a prerequisite for success. In any case, a strong brand is likely to skyrocket your business and turn your company into a force to be reckoned with.

Put the orb and sceptre into the hands of the customer

Every sales handbook ever written will tell you that the customer is king. We say treat them accordingly and play to their tune! Your brand new multilingual website can be the cornerstone of your customer-centric approach, where people can feel comfortable and spend a relatively significant amount of their precious time because they feel valued by being addressed directly in their native language.

As hopeful and naive as this may sound, they are likely to appreciate that extra mile you went to bring your product or service closer to them. One of the greatest benefits of a multilingual website is the enhanced user experience.

If your customer support is readily available in several languages, this can greatly increase your stock with your target audience and even set you apart from some of your competitors who don’t offer that option, for example. Find time for your customers and make them feel appreciated and it will pay back in dividends.

satisfied consumer

To sum things up, having your website translated into several languages is a sure-fire method of attracting more attention to your business. The best way to go about this is to engage the services of an LSP specializing in translating website content that will ensure that your brand reaches the appropriate audience.

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