What’s the Difference Between GILT: Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation?

What’s the Difference Between Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation (GILT) (1)

Many terms in the translation world can be confusing and technical. For the most part, clients can let Taia know their goals, and we can guide them (no technical terms required). But it may be of value to know the difference between Globalization, Internalization, Localization, and Translation (GILT) to understand what your business needs to succeed. Knowledge is power.

The “T” in GILT – Translation

The “T” in GILT – Translation

Possibly the simplest to define in the GILT acronym, translation is the process of adapting one language to another (word-for-word). It is the most exact process. It aims to match the translated text as closely with the source text as possible. 

Translation’s purpose is to inform. It adheres strictly to the source text and is less concerned with the style and intention of the content.

The engagement level is the most basic. Translation is used for emails, apps, forums, instructions, and scientific and technical content.

The “L” in GILT – Localization

Localization is an extension of the translation process. The content is translated but then further adapted for the target culture and ensured that it is relevant.

Localization aims to connect with an audience. It moderately adheres to the source text and aims to resonate with the target audience. It is more engaging than translation but not quite as engaging as transcreation. 

Localization is used for website content, emails, training material, product information, marketing materials, and blogs.

The “L” in GILT – Localization

The “I” in GILT – Internalization (also known as i18n)

The “I” in GILT – Internalization (also known as i18n)

Internalization is a strategy. It involves making your business’ products and services adaptable so they can successfully enter different markets. Internalization can be complex and technical.

If your business intends for your products or services to be used by people who speak different languages, internalization would be a process you would follow. 

The main difference between internalization and localization is that internalization is a process of designing products, services, and internal procedures to enable the expansion of a business into international markets. Localization is adapting the business’s products and services to be relevant to those markets.

The “G” in GILT – Globalization

Globalization is the process an organization undergoes to bring its business across national boundaries to the rest of the world. To go or “grow” globally. 

Globalization includes a business connecting with their clients across the world. It includes product design, international customer service and marketing. 

With technology, globalization has become something achievable for even smaller enterprises and gives a business a great opportunity to scale their business. 

If your company goes global, it is important to partner with a business that has local experts to ensure your products, marketing, and services are culturally sensitive and relevant to different markets.

The “G” in GILT – Globalization

Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation (GILT)


To “grow” globally you need strategies and processes to successfully enter new markets. And you need a professional partner who is knowledgeable about your industry and knows the local markets you want to expand into.

If you wish to globalize your business, you need internalization and localization/translation.

Internationalization to plan how to design and adapt your products and services to be appropriate. Localization and translation to ensure that your products and services are culturally relevant and in the language, your target market needs or prefers. 

Taia Platform – Your Ideal GILT Partner

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Your Ideal GILT Partner

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