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How Translation technology helps us ensure translations of highest quality

We believe in advanced technology. It's here to help us, so we can help you.

At TAIA we’re first of all a translation technology company. Our development team provides our users with advanced technology for modern translation services, including

  • multiple machine translation layers,
  • a unique smart translation memory system,
  • an advanced cloud based CAT system,

as well as a multitude of other systems for ensuring 100% up-time, instant analysis, fast delivery times and zero compromises on quality.

Check out some of our the technologies we utilize to provide you with outstanding translation services below.

Machine Translation with Neural Language Networks (NMT)

TAIA employs a combination of multiple best-in-class neural language networks developed by tech industry giants that serve up instant translations of 90 languages with reach over 95% of the world’s GDP. 

The networks exemplify a high aptitude of understanding even for industry-specific lingo including technology, medical, and sciences to name a few. 

They also provide higher quality in a more natural sounding translation output than the traditional statistical machine translation technology (SMT). 

TAIA automatically selects the most specialized neural network for your target language, helping translators make better-informed edits.

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High Consistency through Translation Memory (TM)

The Translation Memory (TM) is a database which can assist translators, proofreaders, and revisioners to provide a quick turnaround for each translation project by providing knowledge of previously translated words with the assistance of the Levenshtein Algorithm. 

This means even the “fuzziest” text get accurate recommendations too. TAIA employs both public TMs and private TMs for repeat customers. 

Our unique approach to this technology decreases processing time and costs significantly while improving overall quality through the provision of textual consistency for all industrial contexts.

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TAIA Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

When you upload your document, it undergoes the OCR process which detects text from 65 types of digital file types, including handwritten messages and images. 

We perform quality improvement, orientation, and artefact removal and immediately learn how many words and characters it holds. 

We then compare it to your Translation Memory (TM) and discount previously translated words. Voila – your instant quotation is ready.

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Automated Language Syntax Revision for Quality Check

To finalize your target document, our project managers take the translation from the translators and submits it through an automated syntax and consistency check solution to ensure that all brackets, numerical values, spacing, and formattings are consistent with your source document. 

The Project Manager then approves and releases your document for your review via the TAIA Dashboard.

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Our Most Popular Services:

professional translation services

Machine-Aided, Human-Perfected Translation

Our most requested service. Nothing compares to a pair of qualified professional translators with intimate knowledge of the complexities, nuances, and idioms reviewing your document. 

Our translators review automated language syntax corrections via TAIA CAT and improve your document phrasing through a lens of cultural awareness.

machine translation localization

Economic: Automated Translation with Light Review

Your source text is processed entirely through machine translation and reviewed by a human translator as a faster alternative and lower cost solution. 

The translator performs light post-processing to ensure comprehensibility and the quality is rated at 85% of our full service. Light Review is best suited for companies requiring content for SEO or blogs.

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