Full-Stack / Backend Developer

Our technology is the core of our company and we take pride in it. Become part of our team and hone your development skills to perfection with us.

We’re looking for a software development expert experienced in building robust and scalable backend systems. You will be responsible for the development and maintenance of the current and future infrastructure and more specifically backend environment.

Work tasks:

  • Solving complex development challanges involving backend architecture, restful services and database management.
  • Participating in all stages of back-end development, including perfecting the product improving current code base, refactoring and building new functionalities, integration, testing and ensuring software is production ready.
Open position for Full-Stack Developer

We expect

  • Excellent coding skill and experience with PHP and at least some familiarity with the Laravel Framework,
  • Production experience with mysql and Redis,
  • basic experience with Javascript and React Framework,
  • production experience with Git
  • Passion for development
  • Experience in planning, developing, and integrating APIs
  • Experience in testing and deployment
  • Innovative and open way of thinking
  • English fluency (our development team works in English language)

What we offer:

  • Initial testing period where you can work in a variable schedule for up to 20-25 EUR/h as a part-time contract coworker.
  • After we decide we like each other you can work full-time with optional employment, further promotion and long-time contract collaboration.
  • Work remote or in a comfy office in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Working with a modern tech stack with a fast developing product.
  • Relaxed working environment full of open and fun young people.

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