Translate Your Documents Faster, Safer and Easier!

Catapult is a modern online translation tool that helps you translate your documents up to 3-times faster.

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Taia document uploader
Taia document uploader


Upload ➔ translate ➔ download

No extra knowledge nor installation needed! As an online tool you can use it anywhere and anytime on almost every modern platform and device.

Secure translation process

100% Secure & Safe

Risk-free document sharing

Your files are safely stored in encrypted cloud storage. Only you and your team members have access to your files.

Secure translation process
Easy translation process with Catapult
Easy translation process with Catapult

Preserves Formatting & Design

The only change is translated text

Your translated documents keep the same formatting and design as the original document. Stop losing time with non-translation work (format changes, copy-paste, designing).

Upload document

Support for 64 File Types

All the most used documents supported

Works with DOC, DOCX, HTML, XLSX, PPT, TXT, RTF, IDML, SRT, ODT, WIX, and many more…

Upload document

Start translating up to 3x Faster

than with Google Translate, DeepL, Youdao,…

Catapult is Best Suited for Teams and Individuals who Translate In-house.

Janik, Alenka and Robert from Taia

It makes no real difference whether you and your team translate on a daily basis or occasionally. Catapult will help you translate faster and more conveniently either way.

Catapult has you covered, while at the same time you can easily outsource any projects your team can’t handle to our professional translator

Janik, Alenka and Robert from Taia

“I have been using Catapult regularly for some time now and the quality it provides is really good. The style and accuracy with which my technical documents were translated were exactly to my expectations. I was really impressed with their team who worked closely with me to further develop the software”

Aleksander Stojanović, technical trainer @Hyundai

Aleksander S., Technical Trainer at Hyundai Avto Trade

The Translation Process has Never Been Easier!

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Taia catapult launchCreate a free account at Taia and Upload documents you wish to translate. We support over 64 different file types.

Taia catapult launch Start translating with the help of A.I. All your content is pre-translated with state-of-the-art machine translations, allowing you to translate faster than ever before.
Taia catapult launch3Download your translated document in the same file type with formatting and design preserved.

See How Much You Can Save!

Catapult saves you more money than translating manually or with tools like Google translate.

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Simple & Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs or surprises. Cancel or change your plan at any time. 


£ 164 per month
  • 100.000 words/month


£ 89 per month
  • 40.000 words/month


£ 22 per month
  • 10.000 words/month
Best Value

Free Trial

£ 0
  • 2.000 words
  • 30 days


£ 139 per month paid annually
  • 100.000 words/month


£ 69 per month paid annually
  • 40.000 words/month


£ 17 per month paid annually
  • 10.000 words/month
Best Value

Free Trial

£ 0
  • 2.000 words
  • 30 days
Change currency:  EUR –  USD  –  GBP

For Enterprise packages please contact us.

All Packages Include

AI supported translation

100% secure file storage

Private & public translation memory

Project management dashboard

Translation progress tracking

Outsourcing translations

Document formatting preserved

In-context editing

64 supported file formats

97 supported languages
English, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, …

Multiple users
not in free package

Team collaboration
depends on user type

I have been using Catapult as an individual. Some sentences are already fully translated, while others need just minor corrections. The translation takes half the time compared to before.

Ana Višković Jureč, Web shop manager @Mali Zakladi

Ana V. J., Web Shop Manager at Mali Zakladi

In case we haven't covered it all...

Catapult and Google Translate (or DeepL) are two different services addressing different audiences in the first place. But honestly, it is a fair question, so let us dive in!

Comparing the two, Catapult enables you to build your private translation memory (TM). Now, for those who haven’t come across the term translation memory, it is a technology that “remembers your previous translations and stores them”. This way next time you are translating, Catapult will with help from TM offer sentence suggestions and significantly shorten the process.

In addition, with Catapult, you can create your own glossary and have the access to Public TM. Above all, a document format is preserved. You also don’t have to copy and paste a text and there is no character limit.

Catapult supports over 97 languages and many more language pairs. Some of the most popular language pairs are English to Spanish, English to German, English to French, English to Russian, English to Portuguese, English to Japanese, English to Korean, and many more.

You can check all of the support languages here:

A monthly subscription is paid every month while a yearly subscription is paid, well, every year. The difference is that with the yearly subscription you get to save about 20% more money. So we suggest you take the yearly subscription. 😉

We take security very seriously and your content is safe with us. We promise to do the best we can to provide the highest security standards possible. How do you currently share your files across your team? Do you send them over email, maybe share on a cloud service, or even, god forbid, a flash drive? This might be a huge security risk as emails can be hijacked and thumb drives inevitably fail.

Now consider that with Catapult, your files are safely stored in encrypted cloud storage only you and your team members can access.

And there are multiple redundancy systems to make sure we can’t lose any of your files. Even if your hard drive fails, we have the latest version of your file safely tucked away. But if you ever want us to remove all your files, wipe your translation memory and hand it all back to you, we have your back – and not your data.

Of course! You can turn off your computer, take a break and continue translating when you feel like it.

Catapult is a cloud-based web application that automatically stores all your changes to the database, similar to how google docs works. This way you’re always on your latest version and there’s no fear of losing your progress. Just translated, submit your segment by clicking the big blue button or punch ctrl+enter on your keyboard to store. When done with your project, simply close the browser tab with Catapult and your project will be available for download in the Taia app.

Even if you close your browser before saving the progress, nothing bad will happen. Your progress is stored in the cloud as long as you have an internet connection. Feel free to close your browser, turn off your computer, pull the plug and leave your (home) office. Then come back to your work whenever you’re ready to continue, we understand.


Yes, it is possible for you to easily change or cancel your subscription. If you realize your current package doesn’t offer enough translation words you can easily upgrade to a bigger plan. You can also downgrade your plan or cancel the subscription altogether.

If you are downgrading your package, the bigger one will remain active till the end of the payment period. If you are upgrading the package it will become active instantly and you will be charged for the difference.

Yes, we offer a free package, so you can try out Catapult instantly. Currently, our free package is limited to a fixed 2.000 words. We are actively working on making a recurring free package with which you’ll get 2.000 free words each month.

Each Catapult licence can be used by only one user at a time. But you can buy in bulk and pay a subscription fee for multiple licenses. You can then allocate these seats to your team members as much as you like. For example, if your team has 5 users, they can all sign up for a free Taia account. And if you only have 4 Catapult licences, you can allocate your Catapult seats to different users.

Don’t worry your progress is continuously stored in the cloud. So, as long as you have an internet connection you have nothing to worry about. Feel free to close your browser, turn off your computer, pull the plug and leave your (home)office. Then come back to your work whenever you’re ready to continue, we understand.

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