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Wouldn't it be amazing to navigate global markets, increase customer base, and significantly boost your conversions?

It’s no secret that translation services have tremendous benefits — bridging the communication gap, attracting your ideal customers, boosting credibility, increasing sales, and whatnot?


Isn’t it more important than ever now to generate the highest-quality translations for all of your marketing materials, reports and internal documents?

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But I get it…

Translating multilingual content can be an extremely challenging process...

Maybe you’ve tried translating your documents with “Google Translate” but none of it was helpful to get effective, premium standard translations.

Not to mention, the hours of wasted efforts in copying and pasting the text.

And quite frankly, nobody is a fan of using those costly or outdated translation tools in the market either — that sadly neglect the formats and designs of original documents.

Outdated translating process

What if there was a super-fast and cost-effective solution to translate all of your multilingual content with ease?

Well, that’s exactly where the game-changing, wickedly effective tool steps in.

Introducing Catapult!

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A modern, AI-powered online translation tool that is geared toward helping people to automate the process of highest-quality translations up to 3-times faster. 

It empowers you to enhance your translation abilities so you can easily interact with customers in any language.

Never again will you waste tons of time and hard-earned dollars on inefficient tools in the market. Whether it be translating content for your internal documents, reports, marketing materials or advertisements, Catapult has got you covered!

Here are Some of the Incredible Benefits of the Catapult

No extra knowledge nor installation is required! You can leverage it anywhere, anytime from any chrome based browser.

Ensures powerfully effective translations with ease using inbuilt CAT features, automated MT translation and in-context editing.

No more unnecessary copy-paste steps! Translated documents preserve the same formatting and design as the original document.

Highly advanced translation memory continuously optimizes the new translations and guarantees consistent quality with absolute comfort.

100% Risk-free document sharing! Your files are safely stored in encrypted cloud storage. Only you and your team members can have access to them.

Bridges the multilingual communications gap so you can enter new markets more effectively and successfully than ever before.

Supports up to 64 different file types to comfortably keep pace with your translation needs, no matter the volume.

Empowers you to reach global audiences, improve the customer experience and significantly boost your conversions

“I have been using Catapult regularly for some time now and the quality it provides is really good. The style and accuracy with which my technical documents were translated were exactly to my expectations. I was really impressed with their team who worked closely with me to further develop the software”

Aleksander Stojanović, technical trainer @Hyundai

Aleksander S., Technical Trainer at Hyundai Avto Trade

Translating Content is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Catapult 3 step simple process

Taia catapult launchUpload the document you wish to translate in any of the 64 different file types.

Taia catapult launch

All your content is pre-translated with state-of-the-art machine translations. All you have to do is sit back, apply minor corrections and verify the 100% accuracy of suggested translations.

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Voila! Your translated document is ready to download in the same file type with formatting and design preserved.

Yes, That's IT!

You can now scale your business to global success while Catapult takes care of your local.

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There are no high-pressure sales tactics. Promise!

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So, it’s essentially a win-win for you!

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