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Using the latest A.I. and cloud technology, Catapult allows you to translate your texts up to 3 times faster than normal

It is very easy to use since all you need to do is upload your document choosing among 60 + file types, translate and download it in the exact same file type as you uploaded it

Above all, the whole process is 100% secured and safe. You can access it via any modern Chrome- or Safari-based browser, no installation needed.

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Woohoo! We’re pre-launching Catapult on Product Hunt!

Be one of the firsts to get early access.

Frequently asked questions about Catapult

Of course! Catapult is an easy-to-use translation tool that enables you to translate documents 3 times faster than usual. And to top it all off, your translated documents keep the same formatting as the original you uploaded.

Catapult is best suited for teams who occasionally or regularly translate their content in-house. Even if your team is already using a CAT tool, we’re quite sure Catapult will  help your translators translate faster in a more convenient way.
Forget about sending files around over email, forget version control and translation memory handling. Catapult has you covered while at the same time, you can easily outsource any projects your team can’t handle to our professional translators and share the same TM

Your content is safe with us, we pinky-promise to do the best we can to provide the highest security standards possible. How do you currently share your files across your team? Do you send them over email, maybe share on a cloud service or even, god forbid, a flash drive? This might be a huge security risk as emails can be hijacked and thumb drives inevitably fail.

Now consider that with Catapult, your files are safely stored in an encrypted cloud storage only you and your team members can access? And there’s multiple redundancy systems to make sure we can’t lose any of your files. Even if your hard drive fails, we have the latest version of your file safely tucked away. But if you ever want us to remove all your files, wipe your translation memory and hand it all back to you, we have your back – and not your data.

You and your team members. All you have to do is set an account and lock it with a (strong) password. You can decide to split your company members into multiple teams and allow them to collaborate on their projects – live!

No, you don’t. Catapult is a cloud-based tool, so no installation is needed. For optimum performance we recommend you use Google Chrome.

Catapult supports 64 different file types, so you have lots of options. For best possible results we recommend you use open-type documents.

Of course, while translating, everything is kept up to date, so you can ever take a break from work and come back later.

  • You are building your own translation memory.
  • You are able to create your own glossary.
  • You have access to public translation memory.
  • The document format is preserved.
  • No need to copy and paste.
  • No character limits.
  • Catapult has everything someone needs for translation (all-in-one tool).

The content you translate is saved in your private translation memory, so only you have access to it. If you are a member of a company then you are contributing to building a company’s private translation company, so only members of the company have access to it.

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