Catapult vs Google Translate: Discover the Best Google Translate Alternative

Switch from Google Translate to Catapult and start translating like a pro. Experience your translation workflow at 3 times the speed, with team collaboration, integrated translation memory, and the ability to preserve the formatting and design of your documents with the best Google Translate alternative.

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Catapult is a modern online translation tool that was designed for teams and individuals who translate in-house and need to produce high-quality content fast and cost-efficiently. Its integrated translation memory, ability to preserve the formatting & design of your documents, and its autocomplete function all contribute to help you translate up to 3 times faster than you normally would.
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Google Translate is a free machine translation service developed by Google to help everyday internet users translate text, smaller documents, and websites from one language to another. It offers a website interface, a mobile app for Android and IOS, and an application programming interface for developers. It allows internet users to translate in 109 different languages.

Comparing Catapult and Google Translate

Are you tired of constantly worrying about translation quality and the slow and rigid translation process that keeps you behind your global competition? It’s time to get ahead of the competition and start translating up to 3 times faster with the best Google Translate alternative on the market—Catapult.

“I have been using Catapult regularly for some time now and the quality it provides is really good. The style and accuracy with which my technical documents were translated were exactly to my expectations. I was really impressed with their team who worked closely with me to further develop the software.”

Aleksander Stojanović, technical trainer @Hyundai
Aleksander S., Technical Trainer at Hyundai Avto Trade

Why Catapult Is the Best Google Translate Alternative

We offer a wide array of services to help you exceed your business potential.
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100% Safe & Secure

We fully respect your privacy and make it our top priority to prevent data leakage. Your files are safely stored in encrypted cloud storage, so only you and your designated team members have access to your files. We use multiple redundancy systems to make sure we cannot lose any of your files. Even if your hard drive fails, we’ve got your back, keeping the latest version of your files safe and sound.
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Improve your results with Taia

Integrated Translation Memory

Translate up to 3 times faster than you normally would with the help of an integrated translation memory which improves over time. Translation memory will dramatically improve the quality, speed, consistency, and efficiency of your next translation project! Stop wasting your time translating the same content over and over again, and let Catapult do the work for you.
Improve your results with Taia
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Preserves Formatting & Design

Can you imagine being able to just import your files into a translation platform and keep the same formatting and design as the original document after the translation project is complete?

Now you can! Catapult keeps your documents in the same format and design, so you can finally stop losing time changing formatting, copy-pasting, and redesigning your content.

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Encrypted Cloud Storage

Catapult is a cloud-based web application that automatically stores all your changes to the database, so there is no fear of losing your progress even if you come back after a year. We will keep your progress safely stored in the cloud, even if you forget to save it yourself. We get it, everyone forgets to save their files from time to time.
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Support for 72 File Types

Catapult supports 72 different file types and lets you upload documents that are up to 100 MB in size. It works with DOC, DOCX, HTML, XLSX, PPT, TXT, RFT, IDML, SRT, ODT, WIX, and many more.

You don’t have to worry about the right file type when working with Catapult. Just upload your files and start translating, it is that easy!

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Take Catapult for a test ride!

And see for yourself how much time can you save.

The Catapult translation tool significantly speeds up my translation process and makes it easier. It is very user-friendly and clearly structured. It truly lives up to its nameit catapults you towards better, faster and high-quality translations.

Tina Lovka, Translator & Proofreader @Medis

Frequently asked questions

Google Translate retains all information inserted in the translation platform since their machine learning tool constantly improves with the help of the data that is inserted into Google Translate. Google collects information to analyze your content with various algorithms to provide you with a more personalized Google experience. Therefore, translating sensitive information with GoogleTtranslate could result in data leakage. You can read more about Google Translate’s privacy policy here.
Google Translate uses its own Neural Machine Translation system, which was developed and introduced by Google in 2016. It uses an artificial neural network to increase the fluency and accuracy of the Google Translate app. The system improves the quality of translations by applying the EBMT method, through which the system learns over time from dozens of examples in order to create better, more natural translations.
The simple answer is because of the technology behind the machine translation engine. The problem with MT is that it has no knowledge of the syntax or semantics of the natural language, and cannot make reasonable decisions about meaning when there are multiple ambiguous options. With languages that are completely unrelated and thus have significantly different syntax, this is very noticeable. When comparing English and Japanese, words with the same meaning may be found in completely different parts of the sentence, which can be quite confusing for the MT engine.
Yes. You can save up to 300 translated characters with Google Translate, which will then sync across your devices. You can also find, delete and sync your Google Translate history when you sign in to My Activity and turn on Web & App Activity.