Microsoft Translator vs. Google Translate: Which is the best translation tool of 2021?

More than 70% of internet users only browse web pages in their local language. A translation tool is therefore crucial if you want to enter new markets successfully. See our comparison of Microsoft Translator vs. Google Translate and pick the perfect translation tool for your needs!

Microsoft Translator vs. Google Translate: head to head comparison page
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Microsoft Translator is a machine translation service developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It is a part of Microsoft Cognitive Services and is integrated across its various products. The service offers text and speech translation for businesses via cloud services, and currently supports the translation of 87 languages and 12 speech translation systems.
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Google Translate is a free machine translation service developed by Google to help everyday internet users translate text, smaller documents, and websites from one language to another. It offers a website interface, a mobile app for Android and IOS, and an application programming interface for developers. It allows internet users to translate into 109 different languages.

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What are the key differences between Microsoft Translator and Google Translate? Read on and find out which one is the best fit for your translation needs!

I have been using Catapult as an individual. Some sentences are already fully translated, while others need just minor corrections. The translation takes half the time compared to before.

Ana Višković Jureč, Web shop manager @Mali Zakladi

Ana V. J., Web Shop Manager at Mali Zakladi
Room for improvement

With constant competition in the market, there is always room for improvement. Businesses are increasingly in need of customized and personalized translation solutions. Comparing Microsoft Translator vs. Google Translate and the services they offer, it is clear that there is still a lot of room for improvement.

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Support for 64 file types

If you want to get ahead of the competition, you will need to work efficiently. There is no time for file errors or for constant reformatting of your data. Microsoft Translator and Google Translate give you almost no support in this respect and this is a major limitation.

Catapult supports 64 different file types, letting you upload documents of up to 150 MB. It works with all the usual document types, so you can finally start focusing on the important stuff.

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Outsource your translations to the professionals

Sometimes there is just too much work to do everything on your own. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

When you need help, our team of professional language specialists is here to support you every step of the way. Outsource professional translations within Catapult, and translate faster, more efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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Increase your CTA with Taia

Boost your translation efficiency with a team

A one-man strategy is a bad strategy. Unlike Google Translate and Microsoft Translator, Catapult lets you work in a team.

Assign different roles to the various members of your team, boost your efficiency and never miss a deadline again. Stay on track with every project with our transparent project management dashboard.

Increase your CTA with Taia


When comparing Microsoft Translator vs. Google Translate, we came to the conclusion that both tools offer a wide array of services. However, neither of them offers a solution for all your translation needs.

Microsoft Translator helps you to break down language barriers and communicate in multiple languages. It can be used for personal, educational, and professional purposes. Encrypted cloud storage, a translation memory, and machine learning technology allow you to communicate in 87 different languages.

Google Translate gives you access to instant translations on demand, free of charge, at any time. With more than 100 supported languages, you can communicate on the go and deliver your message in any situation. Google Translate also offers a website widget that helps you to translate websites.

Microsoft Translator and Google Translate are great translation tools. In the end, it all comes down to your business needs, your budget, and the key features that matter to you most.

Find out who is the winner of Microsoft Translator vs. Google Translate Comparison
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Take Catapult for a test ride!

And see for yourself how much time can you save.

The Catapult translation tool significantly speeds up my translation process and makes it easier. It is very user-friendly and clearly structured. It truly lives up to its name – it catapults you towards better, faster and high-quality translations.
Tina Lovka, Translator & Proofreader @Medis

Frequently asked questions

Standard translation is a one-step process, whereas custom translation involves two steps. With standard translation, Azure’s pre-trained models translate your content into a target language. With custom translation, however, you first train your own models using training data that you upload to the translation service. Your translation will be delivered once your model has been trained.
Communication between the Microsoft Office apps and the Translator service uses secure, SSL encryption. Microsoft Translator is also set up to leave “no trace”. This means that your content will not be used to improve the quality of the translation tool. All your content will be deleted, leaving no record in the Microsoft data centers.
Google Translate is no longer completely free of charge. Charges are based on the number of texts you provide for translation, and nothing else. There is no additional cost for language detection. The first 500,000 characters per month are still free – after that, charges apply. Find out more about cloud translation prices here.