Google Translate vs. Amazon Translate: Which is the best translation tool of 2021?

Speaking the language of your audience is the key to success, but... it's so hard to choose the most reliable translation tool when they all claim to be the best. A deep dive into a comparison of Google Translate and Amazon Translate will help you find the perfect translation tool for your needs.

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Google Translate is a free machine translation service developed by Google to help everyday internet users translate text, smaller documents, and websites from one language to another. It offers a website interface, a mobile app for Android and IOS, and an application programming interface for developers. It allows internet users to translate into 109 different languages.
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Amazon Translate is a translation service offered by, Inc. that uses advanced machine learning technology to provide high-quality translation on demand. Amazon Translate services can be used for translating text documents in DOCX, PPTX, XSLX, and similar files. It can also be used to translate mobile and computer applications into multiple languages.

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There is no single translation tool that can do it all. Especially when it comes to your specific industry needs. Find out what the key differences are between Google Translate vs. Amazon Translate and see if you can find a good fit for your translation needs.

I have been using Catapult as an individual. Some sentences are already fully translated, while others need just minor corrections. The translation takes half the time compared to before.

Ana Višković Jureč, Web shop manager @Mali Zakladi

Ana V. J., Web Shop Manager at Mali Zakladi
Room for improvement

When deciding which tool comes out on top in the comparison between Google Translate vs. Amazon Translate, even the smallest of details counts. Both offer a wide array of services, but there is always some room for improvement.

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Easy file handling

How much time do you spend formatting and converting your files? The answer should be “0”. There is no time for file errors or for reformatting your data if you want to get ahead. Google Translate and Amazon Translate support a few file types but have nowhere near the capacity of Catapult.

Catapult supports 64 different file types, letting you upload documents of up to 150 MB. It works with all the usual document types, such as DOC, DOCX, HTML, XLSX, PPT, TXT, RFT, IDML, SRT, ODT, WIX, and many more besides.

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Taia translations file handling

Preserves formatting & design

Redesigning and formatting documents can easily double the workload of any project. Imagine how much more you could get done if you could avoid this.

While Google Translate and Lokalise don’t have a solution for this, we sure do! Catapult keeps your documents in the same format and design and helps you translate up to three times faster than before.

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Outsource your translations to the professionals

When the going gets tough, and there’s not enough time to translate in-house, we’ve got you covered!

Our team of professional translators is here to help! We will help you translate faster, more efficiently, and cost-effectively. All that for the best price on the market!

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Increase your CTA with Taia

Stay on top of all your projects

If you want to maintain a good overview of your translation projects with full transparency, this is not something that Google Translate or Amazon Translate can offer.

We help you to stay on top of all your projects with our transparent PM dashboard. Track the progress of your translations, collaborate with your team, and never fail to deliver your project on time.

Increase your CTA with Taia


When comparing Google Translate vs. Amazon Translate, we came to the conclusion that both tools offer a wide array of services. However, neither of them offers a solution for all your translation needs.

Google Translate gives you access to instant translations on demand, free of charge, at any time. With more than 100 supported languages, you can communicate on the go and deliver your message in any situation. Google Translate also offers a website widget that helps you translate websites.

Amazon Translate uses translation memories to help you translate faster over time. Encrypted cloud storage enables you to manage your translations in a secure environment. This means that you and your team can all gain access to and collaborate on your translation projects.

Both Google Translate and Amazon Translate are great translation tools. In the end, it all comes down to your business needs, your budget, and the key features that matter to you most.

Who is the winner of Google Translate vs. Amazon Translate comparison?
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Take Catapult for a test ride!

And see for yourself how much time can you save.

I have been using Catapult regularly for some time now and the quality it provides is really good. The style and accuracy with which my technical documents were translated were exactly to my expectations. I was really impressed with their team who worked closely with me to further develop the software
Aleksander Stojanovič Technical Trainer @Hyundai Avto Trade d.o.o.

Frequently asked questions

When comparing Google Translate vs. Amazon Translate , it’s apparent they both use machine translation technology. According to various comparisons, Google Translate is slightly more accurate but the difference is almost negligible. However, there are no professional translators involved in the translation process at all. This means that both translation tools are only accurate to a certain degree and they are not the best choice for translating sensitive content. In the end, it comes down to the specific features that you require in your translation tool.

There are a large number of translation tools available on the market today. The most popular and the best of these are:

Yes. The translation tool can determine the language of the source text and the desired target. If the source language is unknown, Amazon Translate uses Amazon Comprehend to identify the language. Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP) service. Read more about it here.
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