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TAIAcat is an easy to use translation tool that enables you to translate your texts even up to 4-times faster!
That way you can translate more content faster and more efficiently than you did before.

Easy to use and affordable cloud based translation tool for anyone – no download or installation required.

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Easy and secure

No installation or download required – translation projects are stored in our secure cloud, so you can never lose your data.

Benefits of working at TAIA translations

Fast and helpful

Translate 3-4x faster than manually with the help of AI, smart translation memory matches and neural machine translation.

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Flexible collaboration

Split the project between multiple team members and translate, review and proofread simultaneously.

Joanna Ronson
Joanna Ronson
Marketing manager
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Remarkably easy to use and effective - just perfect for my marketing team. We can now translate much faster on our own.
But I just love the way we can outsource from the same dashboard at any time if we can't handle the translation ourselves.

Who is it for?

TAIA in-house company translators

SMEs who speak the target language, but can’t afford professional translation services.

TAIAcat used in various departments

For teams in large enterprises, who already translate by themselves, but need a tool that will help them translate faster.

TAIA light review done by professional translator

Freelance translators, who can’t afford expensive professional translation tools.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence you get to translate your text quicker than ever before!

TAIAcat is really easy to use! All you have to do is choose the original and target language and upload the document you want to translate. 

The document gets first translated with the help of the machine translator. After that you get to check the machine translation and adapt the text just as you need it to be.



One person
19,99 Monthly
  • 1 user
  • 10.000 words / m


Small team
49,99 Monthly
  • 3 users
  • 50.000 words / m
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Efficient team
99,99 Monthly
  • up to 10 users
  • 200.000 words / m
  • Dedicated support

Working internationally means having to translate a lot of documents in different languages.

With TAIAcat you can now translate faster and make the whole translation process a bit easier – for everyone.

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