Remote interpretation

While translation refers only to the written word, interpretation refers to the spoken word. The interpreter’s task is therefore to facilitate communication between people who speak different languages, be it in person, over the phone or via remote video platforms.

Due to the current situation across the world, many work environments and meetings are moving online and as people are unable to travel abroad to carry out necessary activities, Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) platforms can be a great solution to give your business the much-needed boost.

Not only do RSI platforms eliminate the need of on-site interpreters and equipment, they also lower costs, reduce the burden on event organizers and are at the same time environmentally friendly.

Following our mission to always fulfil our customers’ needs, TAIA will from now on offer tailor-made remote interpretation services.
Let us take care of interpreters and online venues so you can stay focused on the content of your event.

TAIA remote interpretation

Why go for Remote Interpretation services:

  • More Flexibility
  • Lower Costs
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Greater Versatility
  • etc. 

Our experienced interpreters will endeavor to convey every semantic element (tone and register), the purpose and impression of the message that the speaker of the source language conveys to the listener of the target language.

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