How TAIA began

How We Build on Technology to Improve Translations for All

Our Humble Beginning

TAIA’s story started in 2015 when Marko and Matija – founders of the Language Academy with ten branches in Slovenia – realised that existing translation agencies were not fulfilling the needs of the business market.

What was wrong with traditional translations?

Marko and Matija’s language students spoke on the difficulties of finding a modern and reliable translation agency. The industry was characterised by slow responses, insecure file keeping, and questionable accuracy. Simply said, it wasn’t always enough to meet the growing demands of international business in our interconnected society.

Technology is in our DNA

For decades, traditional agencies had not changed their process nor kept up with recent technological breakthroughs. TAIA is determined to change this by adapting the most modern translation technology.

We are determined to build a culture of trust and reliability on our quest to transcend the language barrier.

TAIA's cloud technology protects your privacy

Traditional agencies typically sent documents in non-encrypted, insecure mediums such as email to multiple translators before one would agree to the assignment.

Upon completion, there was no guarantee your files would be securely wiped. You wouldn’t treat your data this recklessly, so why let others?

With our secure cloud infrastructure, your file is only seen by the project manager, the assigned translator, and the assigned reviewer. Your finished translation is automatically deleted shortly after you have retrieved it from our cloud.

Introducing TAIA

Today, we are proud to present you TAIA, a professional translation agency which adapts the efficiency of neural language networks (NLN) and combines it with an expert team of translators ensuring your translation is accurate and of high quality.

We use the best-in-class linguistic technologies.

With technologies such as Machine Translation (MT), Digital Translation Memories (TM), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a translation of any size is no match for us!

Embedding a full-fledged customer feedback process and integrity in everything we do, you can be sure your document is in good hands.

Our Mission

Providing relief for anyone that translate, especially organizations, while minimising the potential for data breaches in translation work.

Our Vision

To modernise the translation industry and become the most known language service provider in the world.


TAIA is lovingly built and maintained by…


Marko Hozjan


Serial entrepreneur, and experienced leader. Marko steers TAIA through thick and thin. No project is too difficult for him. He enjoys spending his spare time with his family, usually on a boat.

Matija Kovač


Matija is the co-founder of the TAIA platform. He holds a degree in Sinology and is a professor of Geography, but considers himself to be a jack-of-all-trades and a tech aficionado. He likes to spend time in nature, especially on the waves with the wind in his sails and in the good company of others.

Omer Atagün

Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for development, Omer wakes up with a keyboard in his hands. He loves science fiction and adventure films, and has a zoo at home.

Sara Krevl

Project Assistant

Empathic and flexible, Sara’s always ready to offer support in ongoing projects. She learns new skills and knowledge like a fish takes to water. Speaking of, she enjoys her offtime at the beach when she can.

Rok Čož

Chief Sales Officer

Rok is a hybrid between a creative soul and an analyst who enjoys crossing over from the comfort zone to drive progress. Black humour, global change and innovative ideas are his favourite conversation starters.

Miha Berčič

Key Sales Ninja

A man of action and integration. He particularly enjoys field work, where he is known for his interesting and effective presentations. In his free time, your best chance of finding him is in the Slovene wilderness, traversing the globe or taking part in sports activities.

Sani Čerimič

Key Sales Ninja

After 15 years of experience Sani knows exactly what are the most important values, experiences and moments ….. the one with a cold beer. He enjoys cooking, and makes mouthwatering burgers. If you are one of rare people that didn’t had a chance to meet him, you might know him under his original birth name Satoshi Nakamoto.

Deja Hrovatin


Deja was the national champion in Italian before she was ever born. In addition to professional translations of Slovene, Italian and English, she speaks around 64 other languages. She mostly uses singing as her means of communication and is the department’s designated DJ. She is renowned for her mad dance skills and is as cheerful a person as you’ll ever meet.

Janik Bačič


Janik is a professional translator, who also moonlights as a sarcasm generator when he’s not shouting at his computer. His working languages include Slovene, English German, Russian and Serbo-Croatian. As the resident native speaker of the Prekmurje dialect, he is by far the least understood member, but is really into football and likes a beer or two after a hard day’s work.

Irena Krunić Stevanović



Martin Mikuletič



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