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What's new in the translation

To professional translators around the globe, the sheer ignorance of the lay community about their profession always comes as a surprise. You could argue that our (non-)cherished linguists should have learned to lower their expectations by now, but sometimes the misconceptions and lack of regard are simply too much to keep one’s mouth shut.

website translation for your business

Translating your website into one or several foreign languages is a great and relatively straightforward solution to increase your presence on international markets and to create a brand image with a global reach. In this blog, we take a look at the top 5 benefits of a multilingual website.

Translation tools helping the workflow

Technology has improved immensely over the years, and when it comes to the translation industry, it’s no different. Professional translators optimize their workflow with the help of translation tools, and we’re going to reveal which of these tools should be your go-to!

Debunked myths about machine translation

With globalization upon us, the amount of content that needs to be translated is growing steadily, as is the number of people involved in translation, who often turn to different machine translation tools for help. In this blog, we look at different MT tools and misconceptions about Machine Translation.

Europe is a market that is full of opportunities and everyone wants a piece of the cake. Before you enter the European market, certain steps need to be taken if you want to make an impact on the new market.

top 10 language pairs

Localization is one of the most important tools for connecting with your customers. This is why knowing what the top 10 language pairs are in 2021 will help you create a successful global strategy.

the difference between translation and transcreation

As far as the expression itself is concerned, transcreation is a somewhat recent coinage that combines the words translation and creation. But don’t be fooled; behind the sweetest of portmanteaus lies a very interesting concept that many are not yet familiar with.

Software localization using taia and poeditor

In recent years, many companies have found it necessary to localize their websites and software into multiple languages. However, even though the process of building a web application is becoming increasingly simpler, there’s still some confusion regarding the recommended process for localization.

why use web-based translation tools

In a fast-moving world, there is so little time to spend on seemingly pointless things (although it feels good occasionally, doesn't it?). Therefore, businesses today look for solutions that make our lives both personal and professional – in other words, convenient. Web based translation tools provide convenience.