Open Job Position:

International Sales Representative

Job Description:

TAIA’s International Sales Representative focuses on generating new leads, closing leads that marketing creates, maximizing sales and profits and ultimately creating TAIA customers for life through innovative, data-driven sales activities.

Job Duties of an International Sales Representative:

  • Lead: Be an example within the sales team and do everything in your power to not only achieve but also over achieve your goals.
  • Hot: Create hot leads for yourself and potentially for others.
  • Analyze: Gather and analyze TAIA and competitor customer buying patterns and behaviors.
  • Strategize: Use analytics to create sales strategies and brand development plans that maximize profitability and create TAIA customers for life.
  • Execute: the sales strategy and help upgrade it.
Duties of TAIAs international sales representative

Your work will directly impact the translation and language industry and help reshape it.

Benefits of working at TAIA Translations:

As a full-time member of the TAIA team you will enjoy:

  • Competitive pay (fixed and variable part).
  • Flexible employment contract options
  • Paid training and mentorship.
  • Career development and advanced opportunities.
  • Learning and travel opportunities.
  • Possibility of remote work.
Benefits when working with TAIA translations

And let’s not forget about all the fun you’ll be having while working with a very ambitious team in a goal-oriented company with global goals. Oh, and lots and lots of coffee, available at all times.

Expected Qualifications:

Education is recommended, but not required, while experiences are required.

  • 3 or more years in sales or similar positions.
  • Basic sales principles knowledge.
  • Basic IT knowledge, Microsoft Office Applications, project management and communication tools.
  • Ability to manage and execute on multiple priorities.
  • Must be flexible and resilient to change, when necessary.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Willing to put in a little extra hours when needed.
  • And some enthusiasm for modern web applications, SaaS services and experience in the translation industry are all plus!
TAIA qualifications for an international sales representative

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