Open Job Position:

Head of Sales

Job Description:

TAIA’s head of sales will focus on leading a team of local and international sales representatives with one goal in mind: generating new leads, closing deals that the marketing team creates, maximizing sales and profits and ultimately creating loyal customers for life through innovative, data-driven sales activities.

Job Duties of our new Head of Sales:

TAIA open position for head of sales
  • Lead: Become a leader people want to follow.
  • Goal: Oriented towards achieving the goals we set together.
  • Hot: Create hot leads for yourself and potentially others.
  • Analyze: Gather and analyze TAIA and competitor customer buying patterns and behaviors.
  • Strategize: Use analytics to create sales strategies and brand development plans that maximize profitability and create loyal customers.
  • Execute: Create your strategy and make it a reality.

Benefits of working at TAIA Translations:

As a full-time member of the TAIA team you will enjoy…

TAIA head of sales benefits
  • Competitive pay (fixed, starting from 2.000€ gross + variable part, which should become the main part of the salary)
  • Flexible employment contract options
  • Paid training and mentorship
  • Career development and advanced opportunities
  • Learning and travel opportunities
  • Possibility of remote work

Expected Qualifications:

Expected qualifications of TAIA's head of sales

If you’re an enthusiast of modern web apps and/or Saas services and have experiences in the translation industry, you sure get some plus points!

  • Education is recommended, but not required, while experiences are required
  • 3 or more years in similar positions
  • 5 or more years in sales
  • Advanced sales principles knowledge in sales tactics and methods
  • IT knowledge, Microsoft Office Applications, CRMs and communication tools
  • Ability to manage and execute multiple priorities
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Fluent in English
  • Willing to put in a few extra hours, if needed

Are you a born leader and have sales experience on top of that? 

Then don’t wait any longer and apply for the position of head of sales at TAIA by filling out the form bellow.

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P.S.: If you’ll get to know our app prior your first interview, you will get some plus points.