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Chief Marketing Officer

“The best way to hide a dead body is on page two of Google.”

TAIA Translations is a modern translation platform that combines the latest translation technology and the knowledge of the best translators to deliver the best possible translation services.

Our strength is our app and various technologies in the back that changed the way translation services are ordered. With an easy-to-use interface, anyone can order their translation within a few minutes and get an instant quotation with the exact delivery time.

As our business is growing, so is our team. We are inviting a dynamic, open and goal-driven leader to join our team to become a part of the TAIA success story. The chief marketing officer will have all the resources to achieve goals that we set together and will lead his/her own team and outsourced partners.

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What are we looking for in our chief marketing officer?

  • A leader, who will take the knowledge of our marketing department to the next level
  • Someone, who is goal oriented and won’t stop until the goal is achieved
  • An expert in the analytical and creative aspect
  • A strategist, who will help our business grow even bigger and better
  • Someone, who understands how fast the market changes, is always on top of all the latest trends and applies them in our workflow.
  • A CMO that uses modern marketing tools, as we are focused on digital and modern marketing
  • Someone, who can’t even stop thinking about lead generation and marketing automation while they sleep
  • A tech savvy person – after all, TAIA is a company that uses all the latest technologies
  • A successful track record of leadership skills and results from your work
Expectations for TAIA Translations' chief of marketing

Required knowledge and tools:

  • SEO (on-site, off-site, link building)
  • PPC and display advertising (AW, LI, FB)
  • Marketing automation (strategic and practical knowledge on lead generation and funnel building using Mautic an/or other tools)
  • Decision-based thinking tools (tag manager, GA, hotjar, etc.)
  • Experience working with WordPress on production ready sites
  • General technical skills for modern digital marketing teams, including managing analytics data, at least basic HTML/CSS and a mindset that’s not afraid of acquiring new skills
TAIA Translations required tools and knowledge for CMO

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop and lead the company’s marketing strategy and direct the execution of marketing activities
  • Drive our digital marketing positioning
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Execute marketing campaigns, customized to fill and grow the lead pipeline with high-quality leads
  • Produce high-quality content for customers, such as market surveys, case studies, blogs, videos, etc.
  • Measure the performance of all activities and campaigns, assess them against goals (ROI, KPI) and adjust strategy and activities towards achieving them
  • Develop and nurture a team of marketing professionals
Key responsibilities of a chief marketing officer

Benefits of working at TAIA Translations:

  • Competitive pay (fixed and variable part)
  • Paid holiday and time off
  • Flexible employment contract options
  • Work in well funded fast growing company
  • Creative and dynamic work in a young and ambitious team with global goals
  • Possibility to work remotely
  • High chance of business trips
  • Company phone and computer
  • Payed seminars
Benefits of working at TAIA translations

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